Brand Management and Consulting

You need a partner who can deliver urgent and immediate brand strategy and implementation with a sophisticated, cross-cultural mindset, a cost-effective approach and provide unparalleled service.


VOYO is uniquely positioned in English and Chinese-speaking markets across Canada and abroad. Check out more about Why VOYO.

We are "design and innovation" driven marketers and business strategists helping organizations grow into more sophisticated brands both in Canada and China.  

Our clients share the same core values as what we deeply care about:

  • Human-Centred Design

  • Quality Products

  • Innovative Experiences

  • Sustainability

Your Extended Marketing Department

Whether you are a small business who cannot afford a full-blown marketing department or a big organization who needs extra help, we are here to compliment your team. Flexibility is our strength. Our goal is to provide services that add value and grow your business.

Marketing Services in Canada

We are your partner in building a strong brand. We offer a broad range of branding and marketing services for companies selling to Canadian customers, including brand strategy, creative content, digital marketing, and omnichannel integration. Our branding and marketing practices are culturally sensitive and ethical because we believe that is the right way to do things and will create long-term value for the brands we work with. 

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Unlocking China

Are your products suitable for the largest consumer market, China? VOYO is your local China expert. We help businesses tap into new territories and participate in the global value chain by successfully navigating the complexities of the Chinese market. Clients have access to our strong marketing capabilities and distribution networks in China. No long-term commitment required if you just want to test the water at low risk. Learn more about our 4 programs and branding solutions to unlock China.

Design Thinking Workshops 

In an era of fast-moving markets and leapfrogging technology breakthroughs, we can no longer “decide” the way forward. Today businesses have to “design” our way forward to stay one step ahead. We run Design Thinking workshops to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals think differently, achieve your goals and live happier lives.

Book a Free Consultation

Do you have questions about how to build your brand and grow your business? We look forward to hearing from you and provide our initial insights. Use our online booking function to book a free consultation with our marketing expert to kick off your next round of growth! 

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