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Becoming A Visionary Founder

Becoming a visionary founder is a journey of relentless pursuit of your dreams, balanced with practical wisdom.

In this video, I invited Jamie Read, Founder & CEO of BriteBirch Collective, a global network of creative consultants that operates as an integrated agency, to share his experience. When I mentioned working with visionary founders, Jamie's curiosity about the specifics of this label opened our deeper discussion on what it truly means.

"Visionary" is not a title for arrogance, but of aspiration and relentless dedication.

Becoming a visionary founder is a dynamic process of mastering the balance of dreams and reality

  • For those with grand visions, the key question is, "What are the next steps to move the needles?" Break down the monumental into manageable actions, and find the path from here to there.

  • Starting small doesn't mean staying small, you can go far on your own, but you can go further with others together, "How might you communicate a vision so more and more people will follow?"

Successful leadership hinges on self-improvement and authentic engagement with others

  • Self-awareness: Close the gap between "what you think you can do" and "what you can actually do"

  • Transcendence. We all love the idea. BUT, you cannot transcend for something you haven't mastered yet.

  • There are infinite roads to success and infinite people you can work with to create success. Staying your authentic self and finding your tribe is a healthy approach.

  • An arguable leadership mindset: "There is no such thing as bad employees, only bad leaders".

Capital beyond Finance

Jamie's approach to financing BriteBirch Collective is more than a financial narrative. It's about creating novel business models, finding ways to take the risk out, staying nimble, and returning cost benefits to clients while maintaining the same quality work.

Building, growing, and sustaining a business is very hard work. To succeed, one has to become a "visionary": have the courage and confidence to dream big while being humble and disciplined to act on day-to-day reality.


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