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Aligning Your Digital Assets to Business Growth

Business growth is rarely a straight path. Over the years, your digital properties—whether owned, earned, or paid—can become scattered and disorganized.

As you focus on creating products, providing services, and driving sales, digital strategy might not always be top of mind. It’s easy to accumulate a vast amount of digital content, some of which remains valuable, while others may no longer serve a purpose. Periodically, a cleanup, reorganization, or upgrade is essential.

During the writing of this blog, I attended Collision, the well-known technology conference where I heard frequently how AI can build websites and automate digital operations. AI is a powerful tool that can enhance efficiency and productivity, but the strategic, creative, and relational aspects of managing digital assets still need a human touch.

But how do you effectively organize and transform your digital assets into valuable resources?

In this video, I invited Chris Bryce to share expert insights on aligning your digital assets to business growth.

We cover topics on:

  • Digital Assets and Strategy: Understanding the importance of having a clear digital strategy and organizing your digital assets.

  • Limiting Beliefs: Identifying and overcoming common limiting beliefs that hinder businesses from leveraging their digital assets effectively.

  • Symptoms of Digital Disorganization: Recognizing signs that your digital approach needs revamping.

  • Distinguishing Valuable Digital Assets: Learning to differentiate between digital assets that add value and those that merely consume resources.

  • Levers to Monetization: Discovering where to focus your efforts to move closer to monetizing your digital assets.

One key takeaway from our conversation was Chris’s insight on how our “success culture” sometimes doesn’t help us act on problems. While it’s great to share successes, it’s equally valuable to share when things are not working. For entrepreneurs, there are many curveballs along the way. If we are not able to communicate openly, we won’t get the feedback and insights needed to improve, and we may also feel isolated.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, Chris Bryce or Jennifer He. If we cannot solve your problem, we will try to refer you to someone who can. For B to B service providers, Chris leads a monthly meet-up called "B to B Growth Hackers" to share practical insights. Ask us if you are interested in joining.


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