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Selling Before Building

Updated: May 1

The first time I heard of "selling before building". I thought it was nuts!

Are you wondering whether it's ethical? Should we be perfecting products or services before going to market?

In this video, I invited Kane Minkus, 3x international best-selling author, 40X serial entrepreneur generating over 500 million dollars, and a world-leading advisor for start-ups and scale-ups, to demystify this strategy for us.

We've covered questions like Why is this a great strategy? Is this ethical? What needs to be true for this to happen? How to do it properly?

Listen to it, and you will gain practical insights as I did.

When Michael Dell started his computer company, his customers had to pay for their computers before they were even built. Elon Musk and co-founders sold 100 Tesla Roadsters at $100,000 each before they were built.

"Selling before building", the best breed of entrepreneurs use this strategy to gain deep customer insights, and mitigate risks. How might you apply it in your business?

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