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60+ Design Thinking Success Stories

Updated: Aug 2

Design Thinking Workshop

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.”

- Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

"Gradually, then suddenly", the same sentiment holds true for achieving success. While the allure of "sudden" success may captivate our attention and imaginations, recognizing the value of mastering the "gradual" is essential.

Though success itself can be multifaceted and subjective, it does leave clues. There are often certain proven methods, strategies and processes that contribute to the likelihood of replicating success consistently.

Design Thinking is one of them and the glue between all disciplines: 8 stats that prove Design Thinking pays off. It is a process that can be learned, not aiming at becoming designers or designing products, but to solve problems and innovate your way to success.

Here is a collection of the success stories in various sectors and personal development.


Consumer Packaged Goods


Financial Services





Transportation, Automobile

Human Resources & Organizational Development

Legal Services





Public Sector

Though past success doesn't guarantee future performance, it leaves behind valuable lessons, insights, methods and systems that we can learn from. These treasures can significantly increase our chances of success for a bright future.

Design Thinking empowers us to empathize with the people we serve, redefine problems, generate fresh ideas, prototype and iterate innovative solutions. The results?

  • Significant value increase which translates to financial performances

  • Satisfied customers and employees

  • Lower risk to try new things

  • Strong organizational culture and ecosystems for sustainable performance


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