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We are also very curious, who are shopping after midnight?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

MINI recently opened a 40-square-meter boutique store in Shanghai. However, it does NOT sell cars.

111 kinds of "limited edition" that customers adore but can hardly find, are put on the shelves for the first time. However, each person can only choose up to 3 pieces.

MINI boasts its uninterrupted “marathon” opening hours, but only for 60 hours, after which, the store is gone.

A store that only opens for 60 hours, 111 kinds that are "sold in a blink of an eye", how does it look and feel?

A Corner at the MINI SHOPHOUSE in Shanghai

In-car pet seats, retro parking plates, city illustration posters, canvas bags, magazines, mobile phone cases... and much more…


Bring Your Pet on the Ride

Pet "shock-protection" boxes, dog collars, chest harness straps, hammock blanket for bigger dogs, dirt-proof mats, are they designed for pets, or rather, the psyche of pet owners? ;)

\ 02 MINI + Mr. Slowboy /

Mr. Slowboy is an illustrator living in London, UK. “A car to me is the last accessory of a complete style match.

City Illustration Series: London

City Illustration Series: London

City Illustration Series: Tokyo

City Illustration Series: Paris

City Illustration Series: New York

The MINI Clubman “Welcome Light” Series is to die for!

\ 03 MINI + BENWU Studio /

Creative Use of Space

Trunk Storage

Chair-back Storage

Folding chair, it turns flat with a light push.

Coin Collection Container