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Unlocking China

Not only do we help business leaders grow in Canada, but also into new territories and participate in the global value chain by successfully navigating the complexities of the Chinese market. Clients have access to our strong marketing capabilities and distribution networks in China. We are proud to offer unique branding solutions so you stand out!  


Contact Us on how to take advantage of below Unlocking China programs. No single solution fits all. We customize solutions based on your unique needs. 

1. Go-to-Market Feasibility

2-4 Weeks Program

We conduct practical feasibility study as VOYO has unique ways of testing the market, i.e. we place small quantities of your products through established social groups (total up to 250,000 members) that match your brand target customer profiles or through our other existing distribution channels. We help brands test the market quickly with a low cost. Through this program, you will get

  • Feasibility study report on market, channels, competitor and products

  • Quick and cost effective results whether your existing product offering is suitable for the Chinese market

  • Real customer feedbacks and insights

  • Recommendations on next steps

  • Possible sales revenue

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2. Go-to-Market Intensive 

6 Months Program

Acting as your strategic partner, we craft conversion focused Go-to-Market Strategy that includes tactical plans and KPIs to measure performance.  Our focus of this program is establishing your brand popularity among target segments. We not only hand hold you through the learning curve, but also heavily invest our resources to support your success. During this stage, most sales will be done through a “direct shipping” approach or on Chinese overseas eCommerce platforms, and inventory (if any) is warehoused in Hong Kong in a cost effective way. Through this program, you will get


  • Brand exposure in selected Chinese markets

  • 0 to 1 growth in China

  • Strategic marketing foundation built on the right channels to the right audience

  • Initial sales revenue after 3-6 months

  • Deeper market insights

  • Monthly status report

  • Next step recommendations

  • Product placements through our local eCommerce platforms, retail stores, social groups, and other digital shopping channels

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3. Rapid Growth Program

12 Months Program

VOYO becomes your agent in China at this stage. We operate the business on your behalf. We have a successful track record of helping international brands establish legal entities, export, clear customs, register brands and trademarks, and manage logistics in China. While strategically marketing your brand and keeping an eye on innovative solutions, we are results driven in sales and efficiency driven in operations. Through this program, you will get


  • Rapid growth after the initial Go-to-Market success

  • Profit contribution to your bottom line

  • Access to strong distribution networks, eCommerce platforms within China, special channels, physical location set-up, gateways to Free Trade Zones, etc. 

  • Monthly status report on progress

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4. Market Maximization & Optimization 

Long Term 

We want you to have steady income without doing a lot of work. Sustainable growth is the goal here. VOYO crafts business strategies and execution plans for you. Innovative business models are explored at this stage, such as joint ventures, brand authorization deals, supply chain management and optimization, etc. Through this program, you will get


  • Steady income stream without doing a lot of work

  • Established company in China

  • Sustainable and profitable growth in China to complement your global portfolio

  • Ongoing innovation generated from diversified global strategies

  • Potential licensing deals or supply chain optimization to give you a cost advantage

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Book a Free Consultation

Do you have questions about how to build your brand, identify opportunities and grow your business? We look forward to hearing from you and provide our initial insights. Please feel free to use our online booking function to book a free consultation to kick off your next round of growth! 

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