Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking leads to innovation, which creates differentiation.

In an era of fast-moving markets and leapfrogging technology breakthroughs, we can no longer "decide" the way forward. Today, businesses have to "design" our way forward to stay one step ahead.

At VOYO, we run Design Thinking workshops to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals think differently, achieve goals and live happier lives. 

Everyone is creative.  At each Design Thinking workshop, you will immerse yourself with a cohort to uncover that creatively you may not know you have. 

We also share insights and experiences in the Design Thinking blog.  Due to the nature of our international participants, the blog is in both English and Chinese languages. 

VOYO Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking

1 Day

After this 1-Day workshop, you will understand the core principles of design thinking, human-centered design tools, and terminology. You will “learn by doing”. We will guide you through solving a real-life design challenge. You will also learn a series of design thinking tools, such as persona, customer journey mapping, insights to vision, service scenarios, etc.



Design Thinking Fundamentals

2 Days

The 2-Day workshop offers you a complete view of design thinking principles, tools, terminology, and processes. The approach is still “learning by doing”. More tools are added to guide you through a real-life design challenge. You will practice tools like stakeholder mapping, value network mapping, personas, customer journey mapping, service scenarios, prototyping, etc.

Innovation and Sustainability

5 Days

We are pioneers in combining Design Thinking and Sustainability together to help business leaders discover opportunities for new growth and solve big problems you cannot solve on your own. In this workshop, you will not only "learn by practicing" the complete suite of Design Thinking tools, but also designing sustainable business models that explore new customer value propositions, financing models, channels strategies, and much more, at scale. 

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