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We need some basic information about you, so that  we can arrange team members for you. 

Thank you for signing up! We are excited you chose to join us. To run an effective workshop that only accepts 20 participants maximum, we need to balance diversity of the cohort. An email will be sent to you to confirm your enrollment. 

Start 2020 with New Skills

Creative Workshop that Solves A Real Business Challenge

1:00pm ~ 5:00pm, Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2020

(1:00pm ~ 1:30pm Registration)

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC)
1st Floor, ABCD Room
5183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5

About the Workshop

As we are entering a new decade, the skill set of CREATIVITY is more relevant than ever. This workshop will provide you a taste of human-centred problem solving techniques adopted by the world's most creative businesses while co-creating practical solutions that will help a 30-year non-for-profit organization stay committed to serving the community. 

What's in It for You? 

During the workshop, you will

  • learn and practice human-centred needs finding methods and tools

  • learn and practice "ideation" methods and techniques

  • learn how to sort through and prioritize numerous ideas

  • work with seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals, and see things through different lens

  • connect with fellow participants

  • contribute meaningful work to the community

Maximum 20 Participants

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